Serious Tech News #4: America, What A Concept

“What an awful week for America” said U.S. citizens for the 206 weeks in a row.

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“What an awful week for America” said U.S. citizens for the 206th weeks in a row.

In case you’ve been living in a cave (or worse, Ohio), last week was an eventful one for the United States. From armed citizens with army outfits raiding a federal government building, the incumbent President banned from a Chinese social media app, and an immigrant becoming the wealthiest man in the world.

Now that you think about it, was one of the most American week ever.

Better Get a Nokia

A ban from Etsy would be Trump’s breaking point.

Former casino owner Donald J Trump, was banned permanently from Twitter. While Twitter official statement says that the Trump is banned due to violating their Terms of Service, our source said the real reason behind the ban is that the former TV reality star’s account is suspected to be a Russian bot.

Other platforms and apps are reported to follow Twitter’s footsteps in restricting Trump’s online presence. Source close to the White House reported that Trump’s online activity is now reduced to lurking on niche subreddits, browsing real estate listings on Zillow, and googling “former president healthcare plan”

Back to Grandma’s Email Chain

Parler, the popularly “unbiased” conservative social media platform is now banned from Apple, Google, and Amazon Web Server (AWS). This means their network strategy is now back to square one: old white people WhatsApp groups and your racist grandma’s emails.

This widespread ban has been claimed as “Orwellian” and “terrifying”, triggering outrage and barrage of opinions against “Big Tech” not only from Trump supporters, but also technology thought leaders who also said Facebook is not too powerful and an antitrust investigation against them was “government interventionism”.

If a suspension on a social platform is deemed crucial enough to make you quote 1984, then maybeeeee is too powerful.

Immigrants Got The Job Done

Pictured: Musk smoking $100 bills

Elon Musk, which we think need no introduction at this point, is now the richest meme aficionado in the world. Musk is the one of the most notable immigrants to reach financial success in America after Google co-founder Sergey Brin, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and business tycoon Scrooge McDuck.

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