LinkedIn Thought Leader Now Reads Fake Stories on Airchat

LinkedIn influencers heartfelt stories, now straight into your ears.

LinkedIn Thought Leader Now Reads Fake Stories on Airchat

CALIF. — Frequent LinkedIn anecdote posters will welcome the arrival of the new voice-based social platform Airchat, which allows them to verbally share real inspirational anecdotes typically confined to written content, STN sources confirmed.

"Before I was a writer, I was first a loving husband, a father of two, and an accomplished TedX Speaker.

Recently I realized one thing: written content is dead.

In a world full of noise, humans now demand authenticity. We want to speak and be listened to, to relate and connect. This is where Airchat comes in.

Airchat is an excellent innovation and a breakthrough in the currently stagnant world of social media. Props to Naval and the team!"

...said tech startup CEO Alex Timber, who spoke in a weird staccato cadence that we had no choice but to write as above. "Sorry about that, old habits die hard, ehem... I have been looking for audio and video channels to tell my success stories, and Airchat provides just that. Yesterday I shared my story about how my third adopted Kenyan son's potty training taught me about the importance of clean code, why agile scrum is dead, and why you have to eat shit in business. What? Is it real you say? Next question please."

Anonymous shitposter and former e/acc proponent @technofurry69420 admitted that they've been considering posting their unhinged thoughts on Airchat and leaving the platform formerly known as Twitter.

"yeah i just haven't been getting the same engagement level on X. before i'll have people dunking on me after i write the most mundane shit like 'raisins are good actually' and then an anonymous account with anime pfp will quote-dunk me saying things like 'sounds like white privilege to me'. it's just not the same anymore around here" said @technofurry69420 via X DM messages, who insisted on using lower case letters. "this new bad boy airchat is a different ball game though, how do you shitpost but with voice? Well, I guess that's what the all-in podcast is if you think about it."

Airchat co-founder and proclaimed philosopher Naval Ravikant states that he is more than happy for the platform to be a stage for modern-day philosophers to share their thoughts.

"By telling your stories out loud, you're building leverage. Powerful figures made their legacy using their voice and persuasion. Look at Adam Neumann. Look at Jesus Christ. See. Look at the Walmart yodeling kid, the list goes on," said Naval, who just added "Download Airchat" on his viral "How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)" tweet thread. "Imagine a future where LinkedIn influencers can share their absolutely real anecdotes to millions of people around the world. On an unrelated note, we're also adding a feature to mute another user for good."

As of press time, Timber was seen using Airchat, recording a hearty story about how he learned about passion and emotion management from taking his dog to the vet for castration.