Indie Maker Sent to Rehab for Product Hunt Launch Addiction

Indie maker admitted to rehab for Product Hunt launch addiction

Indie Maker Sent to Rehab for Product Hunt Launch Addiction

BALI, Indonesia — Software engineer and "indie maker" Curtis Le-Pierre was admitted to a local rehabilitation center after another lapse of Product Hunt launch, fellow digital nomads confirmed.

"Product Hunt launches are addictive, man. I still remember my first ever launch on the platform. The dopamine hits are real. The congratulations in the comments, the ravings on Twitter, the cold emails from random dev agencies. It's like a cocktail of validation injected directly right into your veins." says fellow digital nomad Chris Fu, whose last Product Hunt launch was a cart countdown timer Shopify app, generating a total revenue of $250 in six months.

"He (Le-Pierre) just couldn't stop launching random SaaS projects. I think he slept like four hours a day at most. In desperation, he also tinkered with no-code tools just to have an excuse to ship and launch quickly. Mind you, this is a guy who loves coding so much, he created 4 to-do list apps using 6 different JavaScript frameworks. He launched all of them on Product Hunt, of course."

"He went too deep into the rabbit hole three days ago. He launched a B2C mobile app, and genuinely believed he could make some money out of it. That's when we know he has lost his marbles. As fellow digital nomads in this cheap tropical island, we need to take care of each other, so we dragged him to rehab."

Product Hunt Community Manager Larry McKinson admits he has heard about this concern but sternly believes it's out of the platform's control.

"We've heard about cases where creators got dragged to rehab, but what can we say? At Product Hunt, we celebrate makers and outstanding products. The more products launched here, the merrier!" says McKinson, who then proceed to complain about "shitty startups" launching "compiled resources" on Product Hunt as a growth hack strategy.

As of press time, Le-Pierre was reported to have been subdued and put in a straitjacket after he tried to escape from the rehab facility while repeatedly screaming about updating his "Indie Hackers Milestones."